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Training and Education Resources

Our education and training subcommittee lists below education and training materials that focus on computational science skills. If you know of other relevant materials, our committee will review them for possible addition to this list. Please send any suggestions to Holly Hirst.


Education and Training Resource List
Link Description
Resources for Computational Modeling
HPCUniversity Searchable database of a variety of HPC and computational science education resources
Biology Workbench Web based tools to search and analyze protein and nucleic acid databases
GridChem Science gateway for computational chemistry applications
CSERD Computational science education reference desk - another database
PHET Interactive science and math simulation collection
COMPADRE COMPADRE Advanced Labs and Computer Simulations
Computational Biology Computational biology for biology educators - exercise examples
Bioquest Bedrock Problems Bioquest problem spaces with research projects and tools
Computational Chemistry Computational chemistry for chemistry educators - lectures and labs
Shodor Model Examples Modeling exercises using a variety of PC tools
K12 Modeling Examples Example introductory science modeling exercises
Economics Agent Models Agent based models in economics - introduction and tools
Engineering Mechanics MATLAB Demos MATLAB demos for first year engineering and physics
NASA Aeronautics Models Aerospace activities and models for classroom use
Engineering Applets Engineering applets from Virginia Tech
Physics and Math Applets Applets to demonstrate concepts in physics and math
Virtual Physics Laboratory Variety of physics simulations
Earthquake Learning Modules Earthquake models and exercises from NEES
Online Training Modules and Workshop Materials

All of these are free tutorials but may require the creationg of a free account at or another provider to get full access.

Introduction to Linux Online tutorial on Linux
Linux Basics YouTube workshop on Linux Basics
Workflow system tutorials Links to tutorials on Swift, Makeflow, Pegasus, and Radical-Pilot
Introduction to C Part 1 YouTube workshop on C Programming Part 1
Introduction to C Part 2 YouTube workshop on C Programming Part 2
Introducton to Fortran Part 1 YouTube workshop on Fortran Programming Part 1
Introducton to Fortran Part 2 YouTube workshop on Fortran Programming Part 2
Fortran for HPC Presentation notes on Fortran for HPC
Introduction to Fortran Programming Online tutorial on fortran programming
Introduction to Visualization Online tutorial on visualization
Software Development Webinar Series: Best Practices for HPC Software Developers
Large Data Visualization Online tutorial on visualization large datasets
Extreme Scale Computing Argonne Training Program on Extreme Scale Computing
Paraview tutorial Tutorial notes for Paraview visualizaton package
VisIT tutorial Tutorial notes for VisIT visualization package
Introduction to Python Online tutorial on Python
Python for HPC Online tutorial on Python for HPC
Data analysis with R Webcast and supporting materials on R for data analysis
Introduction to Parallel Computing Online tutorial defining the basic concepts of parallel computing
MPI Basics Online tutorial on the message passing interface (MPI)
MPI Collective Communication Online tutorial on MPI collective communication
MPI Point to Point Online tutorial on MPI point to point communication
Multi-level Parallel Programming Online tutorial on parallel programming using both MPI and OpenMP
OpenMP Online tutorial on OpenMP
Engineering Parallel Software Comprehensive course introducing programming for parallel processors
Applications of Parallel Computers Comprehensive course on patterns that guide efficient parallel programming