Training Resources for Systems Professionals

Systems Operations Committee Charge

This committee is charged with curating, recommending and making available material and resources addressing topics of interest to the HPC systems professionals. Beyond technical topics of interest this committee is charged with the identification and promotion of materials geared towards initial entry and professional development of the wide range of professionals who help to manage HPC systems. To accomplish this, the committee will work with other committees to leverage existing efforts in technical infrastructure, communications and outreach work and other efforts. The committee will develop a process through which members can add material to a repository, and prepare materials for workshops and webinars.

The Systems Professionals Committee of the SIGHPC Education Chapter is assembling a list of training resources for systems professionals. In the the future, we also expect to include reviews of the materials. Please provide additional information for this resource listing.

List of Training Resources for Systems Professionals

Please contribute to this list by sending other potential resource links to:

Committee Members
Joshua Baller
University of Minnesota
John Blaas
University of Colorado
Stephen J. Fralich
Stephen Lien Harrell
Purdue University
Thomas Hauser
University of Colorado
Shelley Knuth
University of Colorado
Scott Lathrop
Shodor Education Foundation
Joel Pinchas Zysman
Miami University