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Educational and Training Resources

The links below provide access to HPC Educational resources, K-12 (pre-university) educational resources, and educational resources for systems professionals. The materials include, but are not limited to, courses, tutorials, reference guides, repositories and websites. The HPC educational material has been roughly sorted and is grouped by experience level.

HPC Resources

In addition to the HPC Resources, we have gathered general Computational Science Resources. The Computational Science resources have been sorted into two broad groups, one for general resources and one for resources that are domain specific, as noted in the lists below.

Computational Science Resources

The Systems Professionals Committee of the SIGHPC Education Chapter has assembled a list of training resources for systems professionals.

Systems Professional Resources

The K-12 committee has initatiated a repository of pre-university materials. There are also links to other materials suitable for pre-university use in the computational science resource list above.

K-12 Resources